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Contents: Volume 2 - The Seventeenth Sunday
- July 28, 2019







1. -- Lanie LeBlanc OP

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Sun. 17 C 2019


    In times of everyday stress, confusion, real distress, chaos, or even tragedy, it is always a good thing to take a moment to take a breath.  Taking a breath centers us, and hopefully, re-centers our lives on the Giver of Gifts.  Our Gospel selection tells us about the best Gift of all, the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is ours, a Gift of the Father and Son, simply for the asking!  The Holy Spirit prompts us to do very many good things... if we listen and heed what our prayers tell us.  If we but ask, seek, or knock, we will have this Gift at the center of our lives, that Rock to which we can cling.


This Gospel passage plus our first and second readings blend together to tell us what an awesome God we really have.  The power of God's forgiveness of our many transgressions, as described so strongly in the last part of the second reading, took me by surprise.  Each of us has indeed been brought back to life because the charges against us have been obliterated, yes obliterated, by Jesus dying on the cross.


.. and we are still forgiven, over and over.  If we catch on to this love and live by it, we can even be "innocent" again.  it seems that just a couple of "innocents" saved Sodom and Gomorrah from the terrible wrath of God once.... can our trying to recapture that innocence help us in our troubled world today?


Our better behavior may not save our part of the world, but it certainly will make for less of the negative drama which each of us is exposed to, tolerates, or even contributes to, each day. The Our Father prayer tells us how to pray, with an emphasis on forgiveness.  Our persistent prayer will surely change our hearts and stiffened necks to conform more to this awesome God of ours.


So as we take a breath and disengage a moment from the current news cycle or family need or workplace upset or health issue, let us pray!  Let us first return a prayer of thanksgiving to our awesome God for being, well, such an awesome God!  Let us call on the Holy Spirit over and over, to be with us, close by, so that our new direction along our journey of faith and hope and love may reflect this awesome God.



Dr. Lanie LeBlanc OP

Southern Dominican Laity









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-- Fr. John



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