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BAPTISM OF THE LORD (C) January 13, 2019
Isaiah 40: 1-5, 9-11; Psalm 29; Acts 10:34-38; Mark 1: 7-11
By Jude Siciliano, OP

Mini-reflections on the Sunday scripture readings designed for persons on the run. "Faith Book" is also brief enough to be posted in the Sunday parish bulletins people take home.

From today’s Isaiah reading:

"Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God.
Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and proclaim to her
That her service is at an end, her guilt is expiated."


Isn’t it good news to know how God favors us? Doesn’t it cause us surprise and wonder when we hear that, despite what we have done, or deserve, God looks kindly on us and is ready to come to our aid.

So, we ask ourselves:

  • When have I experienced God’s gratuitous gift of forgiveness?

  • How have I passed that forgiveness on to others?


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