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I don't think I've ever seen a spooky scene without bats in it.


These little creatures are very misunderstood. I agree that they don't have cute little faces and bodies; in fact, they are really scary-looking, but are actually our friends.


There are over 1,000 species of bats throughout the world (only 3% down in South America are vampires), and are the only mammals capable of sustained flight.


They are very important members of the ecosystems throughout the world, devouring billions of mosquitoes and pests that devastate crops, while about 500 plants also depend on them for pollination.


They emit high-pitched noises, not heard by humans, which in the dark bounce off of objects in their path, navigating them to food and steering them away from harm.


Unlike birds, bats have long skinny arms fingers which open into wings. Most are very small, but there is one species that actually has a wing span of six feet!


How scary is that?


Written by:  Sr. Joel:  a Dominican Sister of Peace who lives in Springfield, KY.  She is a native of New Orleans  and has been a teacher, school and parish administrator, social worker, religious educator, and missionary.  She has written "Breath of Ecology" for local newspapers and has published a book under the same title.

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